Preserving the exquisite charm of Pro Guide Proofing, heritage, and conservation buildings necessitates ongoing maintenance and care. Often, these architectural treasures boast intricate masonry features that occasionally require replacement, and many of these stone repairs are located in challenging-to-reach areas.

Introducing Pro Guide Proofing  Stone Repairs  service. We now offer a specialized solution for roofing  repairs in those inaccessible locations. Our Rope Access services are particularly tailored for tall Pro Guide Proofing structures, including churches, tenement buildings, and other magnificent Georgian edifices. Whether you require roofing repairs , our rope access experts are equipped to handle the task.

Should you wish to learn more about our Rope Access service or have any project-specific inquiries, we invite you to get in touch with us. Rest assured, our Rope Access service is versatile and adaptable, allowing us to cater to various requirements beyond its primary applications.


Pro Guide Roofing


We are certified contractor and offers lifetime labor and material warranties. We provide all types of flat roof and pitched roof services for homes and businesses.


Roof Emergency

The highly experienced roofers at Pro Cover Roofing Llc are available 24 hours a day in the event of an emergency. We have the appropriate equipment, the knowledge to repair leaks. 


Metal Roof

The metal ceilings that we install in Portland OR are equipped with a high temperature soundproof base between the metal and the plywood, which prevents the metal from absorbing more heat, not allowing for overheating.


Roof Repair

All of our expert roofers at Pro Cover Roofing Llc have extensive experience replacing roofs in Portland and other cities in the OR state. With all the track record we've had in roofing throughout our history, we've successfully replaced roofs for all of our customers.


New Roof

Generally, many people ignore roof maintenance, that is, they go unnoticed. This would cause problems that apparently look simple, may cause large expenses in repairs in the medium term. Everything concerning the structure where the entire roof is mounted turns out .


Top Reasons to Hire a Qualified Roofing Contractor

Instead of trying to carry out the roofing project on your own, it is best to hire specialists in the field, since doing it yourself can result in several negative factors, one of them is the danger that could be triggered if you do it yourself only, the other detail is that apart from causing an accident, you will have to incur expenses to recover your health, as well as expenses in possible low-quality materials and in the short term, you may need to invest again in a better quality material .

The specialized contractors

The specialized contractors at Pro Cover Roofing Llc will know how to perform an inspection in order to determine the degree of damage to your roof, as well as whether it will require a partial repair or a total replacement. Our team of roofers have all the technology, experience, tools and certifications to develop a job of the highest quality, providing satisfaction at all times to all our clients.


  • Is one of the most consulted contractors in various locations in the state of Oregon, including Beaverton, Portland, West Linn and SailTime and many more cities.

  • We have been characterized by making the vision that our clients have regarding their roofing needs a reality, since part of our mission is that our clients feel protected by us.

  • Superior quality in our labor, since our specialists have an average of twelve years in the industry.

  • We make sure to use the best roofing brands among the most popular like: Gaf, Owens Corning, Iko and Malarkey.

  • All our projects are delivered on time.

  • Throughout the process there is no distraction in our activities, that is, there is a total focus on the part of all of us in what we do to deliver it in the agreed time and with the best disposition on our part.

The entire Pro Cover Roofing Llc team is made up of professionals who have twelve years of experience installing Shingle Roof, we also have experience installing different materials for roofing services, so do not doubt at any time that you will be in the best hands.

With all our knowledge that we have, you will obtain the greatest durability in the installation of Shingle Roof that we will do in your house.

Metal roofing is more popular because of the unique advantages it offers over other materials.

Metal roofs will last decades longer than traditional shingles are used, so a metal roof is more cost effective to install.

They provide ecological options, that is, it can be recyclable since it has a much higher emissivity than traditional tiles.

Once you have all the information about the benefits that TPO Roof offers for your business, you will ask yourself why you had not thought of hiring a roofing specialist for an installation that contains so many benefits.

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